Amy Tabb

Research Agricultural Engineer
US Department of Agriculture

Dr. Amy Tabb holds degrees from Sweet Briar College (B.A. Math/Computer Science and Music), Duke University (M.A. Musicology), and Purdue University (M.S. and Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering) and is a Research Agricultural Engineer at a US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service laboratory in Kearneysville, West Virginia. There, she has been engaged in creating systems for automation in the tree fruit industry. Her research interests are within the fields of computer vision and robotics, in particular robust three-dimensional reconstruction and perception in outdoor conditions.

Presentation Topic:

Tabletop system for 3D reconstruction of fruit form

Phenotyping three-dimensional shape of plants of fruits is often a goal in plant studies, but acquiring this information is difficult or expensive. Two linked technical elements are needed for reconstruction: camera pose (or calibration) and object reconstruction. Classical correspondence-based computer vision techniques to find camera pose that work well for textured scenes, for instance, with buildings, do poorly on objects with low texture like smooth fruits. Given the camera poses, some of these approaches recover fruit form with low resolution that is not useful for biological studies. In this talk, I will explain a tabletop, rotating system constructed of consumer-grade components that computes camera poses and reconstruction from sample images, avoiding many of the problems of correspondence-based methods and the expense of non-visible light sensor systems, such as Xray CT. Results are shown on range of small-to-medium fruits and tubers (strawberry, grape, pepper, potato, etc.), as well as on a 3D-printed ground truth object.

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