Christopher Phenix

Assistant Professor
University of Saskatchewan

I grew up in the small town of Arcola, Saskatchewan located in the southeast part of the province. Although having typical interests in camping, fishing and roughrider football, I have developed a passion for applying chemistry and nuclear medicine to help answer important questions regarding enzyme activity in cells, plants, animals and humans. More specifically, we are developing probes that target cysteine proteases which are enzymes that digest other proteins and peptides and are known to play an important role in cancer, arthritis and some forms of dementia. Additionally, we are developing tools to study the activity of glucocerebrosidase, a glucosidase that hydrolyzes glucose from glucosylceramide. We are interested in studying this enzyme in the context of Gaucher and Parkinson's disease. I recently moved my laborotary from Thunder Bay to Saskatoon given the strong support that the University of Saskatchewan, the province of Saskatchewan and local funding organizations (such as the Silvia Fedoruk Centre for Nuclear Innovation, SHRF) have provided for nuclear-based research.

Sessions Associated

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